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Announcing our latest charging options for apartments and multi-dwelling properties in Austin, Texas: My EV Charger Plus+

About My EV Charger Plus+

On Tuesday, 10th of August 2022, My EV Charger, LLC, announced that My EV Charger Plus is bringing an innovative business model to apartment and multi-dwelling properties in the Austin market for the first time. The program provides a “no-cost” solution to property owners to meet the Electric Vehicle Charging needs of their tenants. As a member of the Austin Apartment Association, My EV Charger Company understands the challenge of moving towards sustainability with accessible, fully managed charging solutions for owners and residents. The Plus program offers apartments a solution to meeting the cost of installation as well as options to create additional revenue for their entity.

Texas-based, My EV Charger, installs Commercial Smart Level 2 electric charging stations and manages everything from permitting to servicing of the equipment at “no cost” to the property owner. After installation, they offer technical support and options that can provide property owners with a share of the car charging revenues from those units. Property owners can access an additional revenue stream and it doesn’t cost them anything, while tenants are provided a premium amenity of convenient and reliable charging stations to service the growing electric vehicle transportation community.

The addition of charging stations are not only a premier amenity for tenants, they can also qualify towards Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification under the U.S. Green Building Council. Under the LEED certification scheme, EV charging stations count as part of the point total that properties must meet to obtain certification.

“As technology continues to progress, multifamily buildings are faced with the challenge of meeting resident wants and needs in Austin, Texas. My EV Charger will provide an accessible, fully managed charging solution to HOA, and building owners today. We feel confident that the subscription option model presents to the consumer a product and experience that is well above previously available options.”

Richard Osuch, CEO of My EV Charger, LLC.

“In order for Austin to meet its climate goals of net zero emissions by 2040, 40% of all vehicles miles traveled must be electric by 2030. Expanding EV charging infrastructure at multi-family communities, including affordable housing is an essential component in making this a reality. The time is now to meet the imminent demands for EV charging access by scaling transportation electrification for all across our community.”

Amy Atchley Sr. Lead EV Equity Program Austin Energy

My EV Charger Plus takes care of everything you need to facilitate the transition of your property into a destination for electric mobility. Visit for complete details.