My EV Charger products and services are the preferred charging solution partner for the majority of leading EV automakers. OEM approved and certified future proof equipment.

Why Should Auto Dealerships Choose My EV Charger?

My EV Charger offers comprehensive solutions to serve all of your needs, to include: 

  • Public charging accessibility to attract EV drivers to your dealership
  • Private charging to address your service bay needs and 
  • Residential charging solutions which you can market and sell directly to your customers. 

We further offer comprehensive support to allow your dealership to be a “one-stop” destination for your customers’ EV driving needs.


Attract EV Drivers:

70% of all new EV drivers sign up with My EV Charger. Offering public charging at your dealership makes it visible to the largest community of EV drivers thereby driving customers to your dealership.

Promote Your Brand:

My EV Charger charging stations can be custom branded and they come with an LCD screen and customizable signage (in select models) so you can easily promote your dealership to EV drivers.

Offer a Superior Customer Experience:

My EV Charger offers features like locked-in reservations which enhance the driver’s charging experience. Our mobile app for drivers allows customers to find your public station, start charging sessions and track their charging metrics.

Be in Control:

Our innovative cloud-based software offers complete control of your charging settings and operations, to include: (1) driver access, (2) pricing policies and (3) reporting.

Enjoy a Hassle-free Experience:

With 24/7 driver support we will take care of your drivers making it completely hassle-free for you. Our service and support products have you covered from site planning to ongoing care and management, to include phone support for you and your drivers.

Enabled Convenient Private Charging in the Service Bay:

Our solution for dealership service bays allows you to charge your EVs conveniently and safely while also monitoring energy usage and greenhouse gas savings.