EV Charging Solutions for Multifamily Dwellings

Changes in the electric vehicle (EV) industry will have significant impacts on real estate. With a historical growth in EV sales. The proliferation of EVs is already making an impact on the industry, and real estate owners can position themselves to benefit from these changes by offering EV charging stations to their residents and customers.

Plan for Future Proof Properties

Join the EV revolution while providing a valuable service for your most discerning and environmentally friendly residents with the installation of our smart charging stations. 
By providing your residents and guests access to our smart EV charging stations you will align your property with existing and on-going efforts by the green energy movement for businesses to be a leader in this space while showing a commitment to more environmentally friendly initiatives which lead to the use of clean energy solutions. Managers can take an active lead in the green energy movement by positioning their property as a definitive leader in the community and define themselves within public sentiment as the cleanest and greenest multifamily dwelling in the city. 

Be a Leader in the GREEN Movement

  • Protect and grow your property’s value with a premium asset
  • Create a new revenue stream or decide to provide the service as a complimentary amenity
  • Utilize our smart screen technology to market and advertise various opportunities to residents
  • Attract more environmentally conscious residents
  • Show your commitment to clean energy sustainability
  • Gain LEED points towards certification
  • Foster resident loyalty

Key Facts

  • EV drivers do more than 78% of their charging at home

  • EV owning households earn more than $75,000 annually

  • EV chargers improve asset positioning 

  • EV chargers are a major differentiator from competitors

  • 58% of renters are willing to pay more with on-site EV charging

  • Qualify for lucrative tax and grant incentives

As a valued partner, rest assured that you will be at the forefront of innovative EV charging technology and energy management solutions for your property. 
Property developers, managers and associations will benefit from our partnership as we will remain a valued asset for you to lean on throughout the entire transition to a green energy property. Our partners can confidently continue their operations knowing our program will provide them with scalable and future-proof charging stations placed at strategic locations throughout the property which will advantageously consider traffic patterns on the property.