Shell Recharge offers award-winning smart home chargers, a fast charging network, and a free charge card and app with which you can charge at more than 395 providers.

Unlocking the possibilities of the new mobility future

Shell Recharge Solutions is unlocking the possibilities of the electric mobility future by delivering innovative software, services, and support to deploy EV charging infrastructure at scale.

Deploy and manage EV charging infrastructure at scale by using the latest in EV charging and energy management software.

SKY EV Charging Network Software

  • Real-time visibility into the status of all your charging stations
  • Flexible retail pricing to set charging rates
  • Advanced analytics for future planning and maintenance strategies
  • Setting pricing to incentivize charging during specified periods
  • Automatically adjusting the rate and speed of charging
  • Prioritizing charging load based on available power supply
  • Seamlessly integrating with utility sponsored Demand Response programs
  • Aggregate and control EV load for enhanced grid reliability
  • Leverage local power sources such as solar or energy storage

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