Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is the globally accepted communication standard used by 150+ companies worldwide, enabling communication between hardware and software components of EV charging infrastructure. Effectively, OCPP allows communication between any compliant EV charging software and hardware, regardless of which vendor originally sold or installed it.

So, what does this mean for our clients?

Choice & Flexibility

Remember that time you upgraded your mobile device, only to discover you were locked into an expensive plan with limited features for another two years? OCPP protects against this.

At My EV Charger, we offer clients a range of OCPP-compliant hardware from manufactures around the world. This means we can offer you a greater choice of features and pricing. It also means you’re not locked into a contract with specific service provider. If you’re unhappy with our service, the hardware we sold you can be managed by other OCPP-compliant service providers.

Scalable & Future-Proof

How do we meet current demand for EV charging while also planning g for future demand?

Not only does OCPP ensures that EV charging infrastructure can be load-managed across a building and between hardware brands. If, for example, the hardware you installed five years ago is no longer manufactured, it can be load-managed with you new hardware, as long as both are OCPP-compliant.

Plug & Play

Today’s buildings are increasingly smart and connected thanks to OCPP compliant hardware. OCPP ensures plug & play with smart technology systems and energy storage.

At My EV Charger, we’re always thinking one step ahead. We’ll help you develop a plan for EV charging that is cost-effective, scalable, and future proof.

Interested in learning more about OCPP?

We’re proud members of the Open Charge Alliance, a global consortium of public and private electric vehicle infrastructure leaders. Shoot us message or visit the OCA website for more information.