Announcing our newest ancillary product in North America: My EV Charger Home Bundle

San Antonio, Texas – November 9, 2021

On Tuesday, 9th of November 2021, My EV Charger, LLC, Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, USA, proudly announced that My EV Charger Home Bundle is now available to selected U.S. Automobile Dealerships. The program provides the most advanced and future-proof O.E.M-approved Level 2 Smart Home Charger and installation package on the market today. Universally compatible with all EV and Hybrid makes and models in your showrooms today and into the future.

My EV Charger has assembled a product called My EV Charger Home Bundle which presents EV and Hybrid drivers with a unique and hassle-free purchase experience revolutionary to the automobile industry. The installation package is now available to dealers in Texas and is expected to be released in other U.S. markets early next year.

“With extensive research in the automobile industry we have addressed a need for consumers when purchasing or leasing their new or used electric vehicle or hybrid. We eliminate the stress and anxiety by making it easier to charge their vehicle at their home. We understand that 80% of EV and PHEV owners charge at their home and we feel confident that the Home Bundle presents to the consumer a product and experience second to none.”

Richard Osuch, CEO of My EV Charger

The Home Bundle can actually be included in your finance or lease terms at the point of sale that provides a worry and hassle-free buying experience. Compared to a Level 1, a Level 2 charger is 5-7 times faster for EV vehicles or 3 times faster for hybrids and increases driving range from 4 miles per hour of charge to 35 miles on average. As an added bonus, the Home Bundle allows the consumer a great opportunity to take advantage of all applicable local, state, and federal rebates and incentives available only with the purchase of a premium level 2 smart home charger with home installation. My EV Charger is an affordable option to get a premium level 2 smart home charger with professional installation at your home.

There is no need for automobile dealerships to maintain an inventory. My EV Charger provides the homeowner with a turnkey solution to have their vehicle charged up. Visit for complete details and become an authorized dealer.