Become A Charging Destination

Even with 1.8 million battery-powered cars already on US roads, there are only about 100,000 charging plugs for them at around 41,000 public station locations. That disparity makes it easy to see how range anxiety — or the fear of running out of juice without a charging spot nearby — is one of the biggest hurdles for consumers considering a clean car.

President Biden has pledged to build 500,000 new plugs over the next decade, in an effort to cut emissions from highways that are currently the single largest source of carbon emissions. To get there — and to reach a fully electric future — The country will need an aggressive infrastructure plan and an array of green policies to go along with it.

Why wait? Today the availability of Federal Tax Credits, State Grants, Carbon Credits, Utility Rebates, and more are knocking on your door. A revenue-generated amenity /asset is future proof and it makes a difference in our environment. My EV Charger has the solutions.

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